Why I hate algorithms?

Winston Churchil once said that the democracy is the worst political system

Human beings are not perfect but to make them perfect algorithms are getting developed at big data centers. Big data knows more about me than myself.
I rely on YouTube’s recommendations to show me videos and on Instagram’s reels for algorithms to show me reels. The algorithm does not need my permission and it has become a part of my life. Even when exercising I have given the power what I need to listen (on the basis of my music taste) to Spotify.
Democracy is worst because of the very same reason it is called good -

“Free Will”

I am not intelligent enough to decide what decisions will make my country grow in the future. Neither were those Americans who voted for Trump. So, you see there is the problem - having equal voting rights does not necessarily mean we have the ability to make good decisions. Maybe Lincoln wouldn’t had known that with the help of big data and algorithms you can make fool of everyone, every time.
But we trust algorithms and big data and in near future, it might happen that we will use algorithms to make every decision in our life.

lost path

"Want to watch a "movie" - 
Let NetFlix decide that for me
"Want to watch a trending video" - 
Let Instagram, YouTube decide for me
"Want to find a path to go somewhere" - 
Let Google Maps decide that for me
"Want to find a life-partner" - 
Let the Big Data decide that for me
"Want to choose what course to take in university"" -  
Let the big data decide that for me

Everyone is so much dependent on algorithms and big data that for every decision of our life - we would let algorithms decide for us because the algorithm knows us better than ourselves.

Yuval Noah Harari writes in his book “21 lessons for the 21st century” -

Merger of InfoTech and BioTech will create a different world for us. 
After this we would be getting a push notification on our mobile - 
"2 cancerous cells were detected and destroyed"
Every disease will be curable - Alzihmer, cancer etc
People will enjoy the best healthcare in the industry.

But Morgan Housel has written in his book “The psychology of money” -

It were the tails which impacted the our economy. 
It were the tail events where one event 
lead to another which leads to some other event 
which leads to some other even and then boom - 
1980's recession, 2000 dot com bubble and 2008's recession. 
Investors and hedge fund managers are very intelligent 
but they can't predict the tail events.

I feel that after a cycle of us depending so much on big data and algorithms there will come a time when only human beings will be left who doesn’t get influenced by big data and algorithms and are enlighted like Buddha. Why? You may ask. Because that’s what happened earlier. Survival of the fittest. These people will pass on their traits, and genes to their children. This new generation will not be getting affected by these algorithms and big data.
Now, I suppose it’s time I should put down my pen.

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