Future of Jobs- My Take

Wouldn’t it be ironic we come to cities in search of advanced life style and the same is culprit for our return to villages

This is my take on future of my industry when one of my mentor asked me to write about it -

Future of tech industry (or maybe all industries) will be very much guided by the artificial intelligence. What I think is AI have no consciousness of its own. But there are a lot of things in which we are very slow at. Take the calculation for example — Human can never beat an AI in finding the solution of 12345 * 54321 in given time. Also algorithm based decisions are what AI excels at and we do reasoning there. Arguably there are some tasks which AI can perform a miles better than us and these number of tasks (in which AI outperforms us) are increasing year by year. And ofcourse our lifespan is going to increase by the biotechnological advancements happening in the next 2–3 decades. Not far are the days when our favourite actor will be an AI.

Imagine one of the top paid actor of the hollywood is not a human but a bot.

Imagine the cab running at 90 km/hr in which you are sitting is driven by AI and all of sudden there comes a little girl in front of cab and a lot of vehicles are following you so AI has to decide whether to save the girl or you.

Imagine you are feeling sick and you take a pill in which a small tiny chip is embed and you get to know what’s happening inside your body on an app(to which that chip is sending analytics).

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Imagine chosing your lifepartner using an algorithm because you know the algorithm knows much about you than yourself.

Excerpt from the book — 21 Lessons for the 21st Century

So what’s the solution?

Big players in our industry are facing issue of utilizing data. Since many big players are fighting over data and as we know data is the new oil. Now we need someone to monitor the big players how to utilize that data and not control people emotionally or mentally. We need strict laws on this. Hacking the computer is an old term now but hacking the human mind is new and finds its usage in current scenario. So I feel in every IT company we need to have some position for a person who mentors what their company collects and reports that to government/people.

But what if …

If AI has taken over every human job and they are the producer as well as consumers then in such a case I feel like I should do what Cooper did in Interstellar. Go to village (since I don’t want to get my life controlled by AI very much) and have a farm (in which I do labour not machine) and their study cosmos and do my own experiments.

Wouldn’t it be ironic we come to cities in search of advanced life style and the same is culprit for our return to villages?

Now, I suppose it’s time I should put down my pen.

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