3 Problems — 3 Solutions

There are two things that are infinite — gravity around the black hole and human stupidity

The 3 most severe problems the world is facing right now are — 

  1. Human Evolution/Upgrade using Artificial Intelligence
  2. Climate Change
  3. Nuclear War

The above 3 problems are in order of their severity from top to bottom decreasing in their impact on the world.

The 3 solutions to the above 3 problems

  1. Globalisation
  2. Globalisation
  3. Globalisation

It is very sad to say that the thing which leads us to here (everyone being unique) is the same thing that may be the reason for the extinction of all life forms on earth. Even if we unite and form allegiance, there will be some countries or groups of people who will go against the majority.

Why Artificial Intelligence is a world problem?

It is not because robots will kill humans in the near future which will cause issues as can be seen in a lot of Hollywood movies. The reason is the exact opposite of it. We will rely too much on AI that we will not trust our decision-making abilities because of big data. Big data knows much more about me than myself. Also, If the USA comes up with a policy to restrict or impose taxation on heavy usage of AI in the work field, someone in China will be using the same AI to upgrade their army. Human intelligence can be upgraded in the future using AI and if China does that the USA have to do that too cause otherwise, they will lack behind in the arms race.

Why climate change is a world problem?

The rise of sea level and melting of glaciers which protects us from much harmful energy (radiations) present in our cosmos. Because we are using the resources so much and depleting them by releasing more CO2. According to a study, if we do not put an end to the release of greenhouse gasses now, we will have a change in earth’s temperature — the rise of 2 deg celsius in the next 20 years which will result in an expansion of deserts, more temprature changes and more and more hurricanes.

There is no “me” in all these problems because you putting solar panels on your house will not solve the issue. Some countries like Russia need not worry about that because they have regions where the direct impact of the radiation will be minimum. So, we as a whole need to come forward and the government in every country should tax more on petrol, diesel running vehicles and ACs and provide subsidies to the people in buying solar panels.

Why nuclear war is a world problem?

Its impact is not that severe but as someone has said in past -

There are two things that are infinite — “gravity around a black hole” and “human stupidity”

It’s true that after 1945 people around the world feared because of the nuclear bomb so countries were afraid of starting the war but watching our current situation and what is happening right now in Ukraine makes me sad and think over — “are human beings really evolving with time?”.

There is also a problem of religion which might obstruct in uniting every human being to come forward and face these problems. As I have already said we all are unique and think differently which is why we are living right now but the same thing is getting in the way to solve our problems.


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