Why Rock Lee is the best character in The tail of Naruto Uzumaki?

It is better to die trying what you believe in cause otherwise the chances are you are already dead.

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Naruto might be the protagonist of the series but for me the most inspiring story if someone has that has to be Rock Lee.

Rock Lee was one of the candidate of the chunin exams that are going to be held in the village of leaf. These exams are conducted every year to know who are the students who can be promoted to become a chunin (promotion of an academy student). He was a student of the “Guy” sensei. Guy sensei is not some guy, his name is guy. I know it sounds funny but that’s not the point of this post.

Rock Lee was not born with any natural talent like rest of the cast of the anime. Rock Lee trained hard, very hard and learnt taijutsu (form of martial arts). 2000 push ups,1500 squats and very rigorous high intensity interval training every single day since his childhood. While his friends are born with natural talent and can perform genjutsu and ninjutsu (jutsu performed by controlling chakra) but Lee only relied on rigorous physical training. He used to be laughed off by other students and this used to weaken his mind and then once he asked his sensei

Sensei whatever am I doing, is it worthless?

We all ask this question to ourself from time to time. We all get that negative self talk in our head going. And then his sensei gave the most amazing answer of all series-

**Yes every effort you are putting is worthless, if you don’t believe in yourself”.

I don’t know whether you are an atheist or not and frankly I don’t care but if you do believe in god then know this — a wise man once said that:

One can not believe in god if one doesn’t believe in self.
Even if the whole world stand against you, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

The day of chunin exam came and the moment came when Lee was to fight with Gara (highly skilled and talented kid).

One of the scene in the fight between the two — Lee dropped the weights attached to his leg and after that he became more powerfull and fast. What does this scene meant to me? Since Lee is the representation of us human being and this particular scene shows how we carry the burden of thoughts wherever we go which have made us slow and to be fast we need to let go of that burden.
Even when we are not aware but these thoughts are so powerful that they work in the background in our subconscious mind every moment. So we need to let go of this unnecessary burden from our mind.

Now I suppose it’s time I should put down my pen.

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